Monday, 6 August 2012

I love track and field. It is probably the only sport I can watch LIVE without getting bored.

So I listened as the women's 100m final was announced. Pryce was my girl to the end. I watched the Semis leading up to it and I knew Jetter would have been the competition, but she pushed hard in the Semis while my Pryce simply cruised. So I figured even if she should win, she would have to work EXTREMELY hard. 

The ladies were ready to race, but no way were they as scared as I was. I could not sit, I could not stand. I went to the foot of my husband, palms covering my eyes. I peered through my fingers as the shot went off, it was somewhere in the middle of the race, I realised my hands were no longer over my eyes, but I am not sure if I was breathing. The next thing I knew I was screaming through sounds of screams, shouts, horns etc in Jamaica. Yes!!! Pryce had won and to all who thought differently I said "Pryce to the World"

My next big race was the men's 100m. This would have been my favourite because I love to see men run. I watched Asafa slowed down in his Semis as if he never wanted to win or maybe he thought he was way out front or maybe he never wanted to compete in the finals under so much pressure, I don't know, but I found it strange he slowed down to third position, then had to wait to be a fastest loser.
I then watched Bolt flew past his competitors and when he slowed down, I knew he had reasons to, after all he was a metre or more in front his competitors. I looked for to the Semis with Blake, the beast and Gay. Of course Blake was going to win, but again I could not breathe, I could not watch and then CURRENT  WENT... JPS ARE YOU SERIOUS? I was so upset. I am in Jamaica, the fastest runners are Jamaicans, how can JPS (the electrical company), do this to meeeeeeeeeee.....

You know I had to watch the replay later that day, but it was not the same. I had gotten the information via facebook and BBM before. I knew who the winner was. Hmmm... I welcomed the anxiety and the adrenalin rushing through my veins during these track and field. I like not being able to sit, wanting to use the bathroom, afraid to look, covering my eyes with my hands or a blouse...JPS took that away from me, but still I salute the Jamaican runners. You did again!!! To boy!