Monday, 4 March 2013

If people talk you, maybe it is your fault!

There is  saying, you do good people will talk, you do bad people will talk. No matter what you do, people will always talk and I believe it to be true. However, there are times that  some people took to Facebook and twitter, text messages or other people to throw word to their gossipers, when they are talking the truth Not that I am saying, gossiping is right, but take a good look at yourself at times and ask...Why is my name always in people mouth?

Are you truly a good person, but they just want to attack your good name. Hmm, how often does that happen? Or is it that they observe you with some many different men or changing men like underwear, that they start calling you bad? It takes a real man to shut his mouth about whatever takes place between you, but there are some handsome bozo out there, that will be with you and at the end of every sexual encounter they talk. If you have passed through several of these bozos, just imagine how your name would be on the street. You do not have to be a bad girl. You only need to make the wrong choices. So before you take to twitter or Facebook to throw word to who you think talking you, take some time and do some self-examination. Come out of the stupid mentality that you are not going to change for anyone. If what they saying is true, then  you need to change, but it would be more for yourself than for others. 

Word of Advice: Use people talk as an indication for self-examination. They might just be wrong, and if so are the talk will soon die, but if they are right, it would spread like bush fire and then who would be called the whore/ slut/ sketel/bad gel etc?