Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Me and the Kettle

Ah shudda listen the first time mommy call
To come wash the dishes and clean the yard
But with me eyes glue on the tv and me legs sprawl
Me pretend me na hear, and turn to card

As a black woman pickney why me behave hard ears?
And wait on the second call when she voice done change
Ah shudda come out the house with my face showing fear
Instead of the frown and push mouth at such a close range

She grab me by the collar with her face so fierce
Her voice expressing the price I’ll pay
Ah feel the sting as my skin was pierce
From slaps that wipe the frown away

Ah twist and turn until ah get free
Then run down the hill at a fast pace
Ah knew that mommy couldn’t outrun me
So ah figure that was the end of the case

Clung, clung, clung on the coconut tree
Ah kettle bounce off close to me head
Ah mek one duck, ah drop to my knee
Ah said this was it, ah thought ah was dead

 Hahaha me cousin dem laugh out
Oh lard, the kettle nearly out e light
All that time mummy continue to shout
Me still on the ground ah tremble with fright

For months to come is ‘bout the kettle track and field
Me cousin and dem still ah laugh at me
But all me learn ah pickney who na hear ah feel

And next time mommy call, get up and do me duty