Saturday, 15 December 2012


A major percentage of individuals, young and old, rich and poor, own a blackberry or some other smart phone. Texting, games, calls and browsing are some of the major uses of these SMART PHONES. Is there anything wrong with owning one? Absolutely not!!! They may even be regarded as an asset rather than a luxury BUT some have taken them to the ranking of GODS in our lives. Are you addicted to your smart phone? Seek Rehabilitation.

I am tired of seeing people texting on their smart phones during church. Why do you need to take your phone to church? Is it the Holy Spirit? And don't tell me it has on your bible! Through the week, you don't read it, but all of a sudden on your church day, you want to? I suggest you go back to the old- fashion method of carrying  a bible to church. I am tired of seeing people texting and browsing during a church service. And my, when the phone rings in the midst of the sermon and shamefacedly, they fight to end the call, only to hear it ring again few seconds after. Really! Couldn't you have put it on silence or vibrate?

I know we all attend church for different reasons, but the fact that your left your home for church, have some respect for God and his temple. Maybe, there is a particular day that you need to take your phone because you are expecting an important call...PUT IT ON SILENCE, the rest of the congregation do not need to be interrupted by your call. This is so sad also when you notice is Christians texting and smiling and responding. BREAK PEOPLE OFF THE HABIT OF TEXTING YOU DURING CHURCH.

Now to the workplace, especially in the public service. My goodness!!! Have you ever walked into a business place and the receptionist is their texting and smiling and must complete it before she asked you (with a frown on her face like you are disturbing her) may I help? No wonder in some parts of the private sector they banned the use of your personal cell phones during work hours. How can yo be efficient and productive during the day if you are wasting working hours for your personal entertainment? Surely you are not concern about the mission of the business but simply getting through the month for a salary.

I believe that these phones can become or are already gods in a lot of lives. WATCH OUT!!!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Who to love me?

Whenever someone has an addiction and seek rehabilitation  one of the things that they have to come to grip with is a simple statement...I am an addict and I need help. It is all about moving beyond self denial. I have seen a lot of denial and pretense when it comes to love.

You are single seeking a relationship, but somehow things not going as you plan. Maybe you are no longer as in your 20s; you spent a lot of time concentrating on school and a career and now that you want to complete your circle with a husband/wife and kids, you realise you are still single. 

Maybe you are younger, but somehow the guys you like never give you the time of day, no one approach you. What to do?

Do not deny yourself love by making this statement, "I do not want no man." Pretending that you are happy with your solitude does not fulfil the vacuum within your heart, the emptiness you feel when you see a happy couple or hear about a loving relationship. Do not suffer under pretense. Wanting someone to love you is not a bad thing, but depression can arise from pretending you don't.

What should you do in the mean time?

  •  Enjoy dating and outings even if it is with your girlfriends. 
  • Treat yourself, eat healthy and look attractive. Do not look unavailable when you know you are available and yes...there are some men who do not approach some ladies because they look taken. Remember a confident  lady can be intimidating to a man who might be mustering up the strength to ask you out. Try to balance confidence with yourself as a strong, confident woman who can allow a man to lead. 
  • Widen your horizon. Your spouse might not be in your church, your community or even your island. When you save, feel free to move around, travel and enjoy new scenery.

Who to love you? There is someone out there.