Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Re-adjusting after University

How many persons find it difficult to re-adjust after returning home from university? I know I cannot be alone on this. After you spent years in another country or another part of your country depending on the size, living on your own, learning new things, observing new cultures and developing your identity, it is difficult.

At the university, I attended, there are students who do not seem to want to leave school. They may find themselves stretching out one degree, switching from degree to degree, doing more than one first degrees and when they finish school, there are some who return on evenings after work to lime on the campus. 

You see, many of us were living at home with our parents before leaving for university. For some, we never spent no big amount of time away from home and probably were sheltered with overprotective parents. So when we get to university, especially in another country, it was a new life. 

There are many whose lives are directionless after university. We return to our country only to see things have changed tremendously or it is still the old, plain, boring country or state we have left. We tried to live in our old homes, but it is hard...maybe it's too noisy, maybe our parents have not seen how we have changed and matured and still want to treat us like their young child, maybe there we do not feel free...The places to visit, may no longer interest us, our old friends might have changed...

How is it for you after leaving university? And most importantly, what aided in your readjustment?

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