Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Your Man wants me...What is there to brag about?

There are some things I've heard that I simply don't get and one of those things is when another girl brag to another that their man wants them. It seems like there is a trend happening with some young girls. They don't want any man of their own, but they want a man who belongs to another and not for keeps either...simply for drama. Not only young girls, but big woman go after other people married man just for the thrill.

Girls breaking up other girls' relationship and women breaking up other women marriages. Who is to blame? Is it the men for falling prey to these reckless women or maybe knowingly and willfully getting involve with these women or is it the girls/women, who knowingly sleep with your man, just to hurt you? I am not talking about the women who are victims because they thought the man was single. No, I am talking about the ones who throw words for you and tell you what they do to or with your man, who laugh out every time they see you and if you are with your man, they might even want to come with words like sweetheart and honey and look to hug with no respect whatsoever to fact that you are there. They get a thrill out of knowing that you are hurt.

These situations may be very painful especially if you are deeply in love, but I have to ask, how good is a man if he wants another woman while being with you? And to the other women, what is there to brag about? I believe that what goes around comes around. One of these days, some of these girls will grow up with lots of regrets and they might look for healthy, faithful relationships, but get so much 'horn/butt/cheated upon' that they live a life of frustration and regret and who is to blame then...what you sow, you reap.

So girls' if you are unmarried, let the man go, obviously if he wants another women, he clearly does not respect you as you ought to be respected and his love obviously has limits. The other girl might be the one who throw the word, but is your man who has given her such power. If you are married, it is a complete different and more complicated situation. I cannot just say leave, for you have spent probably years building a life and children might be involved so for you, I recommend counselling.