Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Big up to the Christian Soldiers

Just wanna bless someone right now. This is a band my brother started. He is the lead vocalist and composer. He has written a lot of songs, but this is one of my favourite. To all the Christian Soldiers out there be bless.

Some of the Lyrics:
me sing, I am a missionary, ah say me arm and ready like ah military and when me fire God's word, demons me ah bury, look for dem skulls and bones in the cemetary (chorus)

Pray and fast to me is like a nuclear weapon and when me fire away at the devil kingdom ah just years on years of disfiguration. God is calling us on a mighty mission  one cause, one purpose no separation. On the battlefield, together as one, we ah go burn down the whole ah the devil kingdom. Christian Soldiers put on uno armour, let the enemy know ah Jesus Kingdom uno fight for...

If you want to hear how me hold me bible like a matic, say me ah go shot, demons haffi run, dem haffi flee, dem haffi watch it...Listen the rest...Tell if you like it and are blessed by it.

Available on CD, if you want to order the album.

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Making the right choice for a spouse: No money, no love?

Many persons find out about their WRONG CHOICE/S when it is too late. How you choose a boyfriend or girlfriend is often dependent on whether you want a long term or short-term (flirt) relationship. Keep in mind also that a person choosing you, is making the same decision of whether they want a long term or short term relationship. I would like to concentrate here on persons who want a long term relationship. 

What is serious is the factors that determine how you make that choice and I would focus my information on what I have experienced or observed. These are some of the factors that determine who a person choose:

  • What their parents have to say
  • The status of the person and their family background
  • How attractive he or she is
  • How much money they make or have the potential to make
  • Employment status and type of job
  • How attracted you are to the other person
  • Simply being in love...the feelings you can't explain
And I can go on....I wrote those not to say they are bad, but they can be if not carefully analyze. Read on to see why.

I have seen relationships discontinued because of what parents have to say. It is not that their input is not important, but it is not always right. Some parents, in not wanting their girl child to have the same life they had,will discourage them from being with a poor, uneducated man despite he cares dearly for their daughter. On the hand, they may go as far as forcing her on a rich, high status man who they believe can fulfill her every need. Sad to say, there are MANY situations where women have all their needs met that money can buy except the very one they truly need, but cannot be bought, LOVE! There are young ladies out there, who have recognized all the faults with their wealthy, high status, well-spoken, big house, good family, high educational status boyfriend day after day after day, but will continue to bear those faults because that is whom they want to marry, that is whom can give them the life they so greatly desire. At least that is what they think until they get the life and realise money cannot buy happiness. 

The status of no man was never important to me,but their AMBITION is. I never mind struggling to accomplish my dreams, but I never want a man in my life or the life of my family that is downright lazy and to add to that poor. Poor and lazy is not a good mix. If you are poor, that is ok, we can work on getting rich, but if you are lazy too, then who will work? So it is often important that you look at the person carefully, They love you, you love them, but you are saying...jeez is only primary school they went (you say that when you have high school or cape education) or is only high school they went (you say that when you have university education) or they are just a bag boy or a van conductor, but you care dearly for each other. What should deter you is if that primary education etc man or woman have no desire to further their studies (even as simple as getting a skill) or that bag boy don't desire to own the supermarket after moving up the chain or that van conductor does not plan on owning a van before having his own company of vans with people working with him...

Think of your own situation or maybe a friend's...Why have you choose your spouse? Are you just lucky to have a rich man who loves you and whom you love because that can happen and if it does hurray to you, but if its only about the money then something is wrong. There are a lot more I can say, but then it will may  result in a book.
Instead, I have embedded this video below from Trinidad singer Mighty Sparrow, NO MONEY NO LOVE. It is a very interesting calypso and it speaks to choice. If the man is not working when you met him and his chances of finding a job is nil given other factors or he is not even looking, but intend to sponge off you, be careful the choice you make.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Being set up with someone else by the person you like! Huh?

Have you ever gone through a situation where you are really attracted to someone or like them and they somehow felt the strange need to set you up with their friend or acquaintance? How do you deal with it and more importantly, how do you interpret it?

The life of growing up and dating is very interested. We fall in love, fall out of love,experience hands sweat, heart palpitations, butterflies in our stomach, things that may change as we matured and understand love and relationship more and more. However, those feelings I believe are part of growing up and what we have to ensure is that in enjoying these moments, we do not make any decision that we are going to regret for the rest of our lives. So you love the guy/girl, but instead he/she tries to set you up with their friend (who is dying to meet you), what do you do? 

I think what is of great importance is to establish clearly what this is telling you. Does it mean that he/she is not attracted to you, sees you simply as a friend, a brother or a sister? Is it that they are involve in a relationship and so they see the need to point you to one in spite of how they feel towards you? Do they see you as a lonely soul who needs companionship? Do they give you the impression that they are too good for you, so they find someone they think is on the same wave length with you?

It may seem difficult to pin point the answers to these, but you need to pay attention. Some persons choose to ignore and continue to force up themselves to the male/female, showering them with gifts they could hardly afford and eventually getting used and abused. Remember, you cannot make a person love you, they have to see for themselves. Just think about your own feelings towards someone who is seeking a relationship with you, but you do not want. No matter how hard they try, they cannot make you attracted to them. The same goes for you. 

If a person you like is trying to set you up with someone else, I think it says a lot. As much as it may hurt, I believe it is an indication to move on. Even if they are attracted to you, the mere fact that they see the need to set you up on a date with someone else, should inform your decision. Do not waste precious time trying to convince them of your ability to make them happy, instead invest that time in making your own self happy whether it is through pampering or exploring other avenues. 

Feel free to leave a comment or ask questions. 

Monday, 10 September 2012

TATTOOS: So what?
When I was younger, I thought about getting a tattoo. I know I didn't want any skull or other symbols that signifies danger or badness. I wanted something colourful, maybe flowers or a dove. As I matured and get into church, a lot of negatives were placed on tattoos. Although, I wasn't quite convince given the fact that tattoos represent different things to different people  (for example, some persons tattoo scriptures on their skin), I chose not to tattoo my skin.

Recently, I have seen some tattoos on different people. While some seem to no longer want to see their own skin, others chose to tattoo just one part of their body. I have seen other person's name, possible boyfriend or girlfriend, date of birth etc I have seen tattoo on hands, foot, back, leg, breast. I realized that where ever a tattoo is placed, it is to show off. What bother me though and what really prevented me from putting a tattoo on myself is the fact that it cannot be removed. What is funny is that when you are young you choose certain things that are glamorous,modern, popular, but one day you are going to get old. Majority of the persons who wear a tattoo cannot afford laser treatment.
 I saw an old lady recently with a tattoo and I thought, what she doing with tattoo lol. I then thought, she didn't put it on in her old age. It cause me to think. How many persons when they put on a tattoo wants to grow old with it? Something to think about. Maybe there is no bible verse to prevent you from taking tattoo. Maybe even if there is, you are going to do it anyway, but I say to you, if you plan to, BE VERY SURE. I was not sure at the time I thought about it, and today I am happy I didn't. When my skin has lost its elasticity, I do not want to see no tattoo. Do you? Do you want to see what you have placed and would you like where you have placed it? A tattoo might seem like a simple, popular, glamours thing that the crowd is into so I want it to, but it is also serious and this is not even from a medical standpoint. This is about you, your future. It may affect your career, your relationships, what you can or cannot tell your future children etc. It is not a ring that you can remove when you get tired, NO! Without laser treatment, it will be staring you forever. Be wise in your choices in life.

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Age Beautifully Ladies

When last you look at a pic of another person maybe in their 60s and say they look great for their age or looks much younger than their age? Somehow, those persons were able to maintain a certain standard and you are impressed.  What did they do? you asked. Was it the make-up, are they rich, was it exercise, do they have the 'young' gene...sure they do, it must run in their family?

There are many persons who are are afraid of getting old, especially us females and some of us have good reason to when we look at the other females who seem to have deteriorated with age. Was it marriage, children, hard time? Some females seem to throw their hands up in the air and say I am old now, especially after children. They longer take care of their hair, their dress, their physical make-up and at times we even expect the men to accept us as we are by using the words we are no longer young. 

Now I understand, that somewhere down the line a two pounds might get added. So what? Can't we as females age beautifully? Let us find time for ourselves amidst that busy schedule. Now aging beautifully does not entail putting on certain clothing material fit for teenagers. You don't have to putting on the belly breaker, the batty rider, navel ring etc to fit into looking young...I am quite aware that some older persons can indeed pull it off, but that does not entail aging beautifully. So what should you do?

  1. Forget about the number, it is just a number and it will continue to grow. That's the reality that we cannot change. Instead of trying to cut off a few years using plastic surgery and lie about it, embrace it.  You don't have to go and tell the world now, but in your mind accept the inevitable.
  2. Have a mental picture or maybe even a physical one of how you would want to look as you age. Don't think that you cannot because of kids, work, husband, health etc. You need to find that time and if you don't want to do it for yourself, do it for your husband and kids. Would they complain or be extremely grateful, especially the husband? He might accept you as you are, but that doesn't mean his desire for the previous you was thrown out of the window.
  3. Dress fashionably but modestly. There is nothing that compliments an aging woman more that the way her clothes take her body.  Colours can say so much. I am happy, free, alive, well, healthy...
  4. Fix up your hair. If you are like me and not just into combing your hair daily, then braid it. A neat hairdo, does much to a woman's face and for those who wear make up, compliment it with some light make-up and lip gloss.
  5. Watch what you put into your body. I know at times we want to eat any and everything as we see fit, but realising that as you aged your metabolism slow down, we need to watch we eat and add exercise. 
  6. Be the one that people ask, what are you doing to stay that young? Yes, why should you be the one that is always asking the question.

Saturday, 1 September 2012


I am a woman, but there are times I find it very hard to understand my own species. Could it because I grew up with brothers rather than sisters? I don't know. As a child, I was more on the 'tom boyish' side.  Instead of dolly house, I preferred playing marbles and gun shooting. Even know I can remember the amount of clothes from which I tear off their buttons to play button tip. In my late teens even to this point I prefer the companion of men. Even when I dated myself, there were times I will go to the pool shop and so my pool of male friends increased. So maybe that is the reason I cannot quite understand my own species at time.

  • How can we just watch another woman and just don't like them? No reason at all. And with  that we start trying to make that other person life difficult not by simply ignoring them, but 'cutting up' our eyes when we see them, throwing words, talking negative about their dress, looks etc
  • Why do we tend to end up in a constant battle with another woman or women over a man who is OURS? If he is cheating and you have facts, go to your man to fight that war. How often do you think a man goes up to another lady and say "hey, I have a woman but I want you to?" Don't you think majority of the times, the other woman thinks she is also the only woman too and only find about you when you approach her to fight?
  • "Take the gossip out of the conversation, there is nothing to talk about" words from another wise woman. Instead of consistently talking other people without any positive objectives, talk about yourself, you might find that there is much wrong that your gossip buddy can help you to deal with.
  • Make amends. Really, how long can you keep malice for? I find that very difficult to understand how women can go on for years with malice and when you look at what cause it, all you can say is my goodness. Can't you say like me, "I don't have enemies, enemies have me." I operate like a man when it comes to these things, I say what I have to say and then I am finished and back to previous operation. I will see you the next day, like yesterday never happen unless you chose to remind me.