Friday, 15 November 2013

From pregnancy to new born: My experience

Now I wished someone had told me all the things I might possible go through when i get pregnant so I can mentally and physically prepare myself, but no one did so I have decided to inform those who are preparing themselves for this. Now there might be some funny parts, but others are pretty serious, so take note.


Well I heard as soon as you get pregnant start using your olive oil, shea butter, palmer's cocoa butter etc on your belly, thighs and so on to prevent stretch mark. I started from day one and I use all three from time to time but mainly olive oil and guess you luck na have fi be fi me luck...with every tiger mark me see, me just tell meself, I want this baby no matter what it does to me. I watched my colour change from black too dark black even though I spent a lot of time in the house. Acne took over my neck, chest and back and me start to pray dem na touch me fi face, but dem manage to ease in. At about 12 weeks or so my navel shoot out and I know some persons whose navel never came out or came out late. Then I started getting big before I move to huge so much so that these were the things I found hard to do:

  • Look at my feet, wash dem and lotion dem. Sometimes had to ask the hussy. Even to get the underwear up to the knees, after which I can handle myself
  • Then I could not see my... or even shave it. I needed a mirror for one thing to ensure that it is still there and again hussy to assist me. Well funny enough, before going into the hospital, things got busy and so I had to try my shaving by myself because I did not want the nurse to do it. I shaved blindly at first then use the mirror and handle what I can see. Got to the hospital and guess what? The nurse still wanted to see to ensure I did a good job. Apparently, I didn't and a student nurse, a student nurse had to do it. Before long, I realised, as a woman you can't have no shame because everybody was seeing me. 
  • Sleeping was a huge issue. I needed the entire bed and still I could not get comfortable. At one point I wanted to sleep sit up.
  • Then there are these kicks in the weirdest places, like your anus....when I started to feel those along with contractions, I knew I couldn't push that child even if I was allowed to...lard, dem mek me scream and it wasn't the real thing.

At the hospital: 

Let us talk about giving birth the csetion way). We journeyed up to the hospital to be admitted. I thought it would have been smooth because I knew what to expect based on my surgery last year. When the anesthesiologist came to advice me, he told me that they were going to do a spinal epidural rather than general anesthesia because it was safer and recovery is faster, plus you get to see the baby as soon as she is born as you are wide awake through the entire procedure. Now he did not asked me if I wanted it, but based on what he said I accepted it and oh what an experience. Three different times they tried to do to the procedure (a needle going into your spinal area) and instead of my feet or lower body numbing, nothing except pain in my back area. It was at that point my surgeon asked how many times they intended to try before opting for the general anesthesia, but instead they respond that it was old fashioned and called in a consultant who got the job done. However, I felt like if life was leaving my body, I was throwing up and still had to answer questions while they touch me with ice at different part of my body. Eventually, I felt like myself, at least the upper half of my body and was able to talk while they cut me open and I was happy when I heard mini me cried. I was told no liquid or food until 6 hours after which i must drink as much as possible. Now I lost a lot of blood so much so that they were considering transfusion, but then after testing my haemoglobin levels, they decided on meds instead. However, the worse part of the procedure was 11 hours after the surgery I was not given even a glass of water. I begged nurse after nurses and everyone was busy. I felt like my throat was collapsing and told a nurse that, she said she needed to call the doctor to see if I can drink...she forgot to call him and when I saw her again, I requested water once more and was given one cup, which I finished in a drifty...asked for more she said too soon. Waited a little, asked again, she said they were moving me to the ward where I would stay until I am discharged and would get fluid there...Got there and spoke to the nurse who had no idea I should be given liquid and said to me "only water we have", to which I responded I would take any thing. Guess what? I became so severely dehydrated that I was experiencing terrible headaches from the epidural. I complained over and over until one nurse  asked if I was drinking pepsi...I said no one told me too. She said it helps with headaches from epidural and so I started on caffeine that I had stopped taken since I found out I had fibroid. Still the headache would not leave. I could not sit up or stand up and breastfeeding was hell so I become emotional not being able to take are of the little one. I complained again until another nurse said she would called the anesthesiologist. One eventually came who was not part of the surgery and treated me, but again whatever management regime, she placed me on was not followed strictly and so I was not getting any better. I saw the one who did the spinal on the ward one day and called him...upset of course. I asked how you said this was easier recovery and so he asked what happened and I explained. He treated me higher doses of everything and because I wanted to see so badly, I asked for something that would 'knock me out'. When I awoke I felt so much better and so the next day I begged to be discharged and I was. But guess what? At home, that very night, I asked my husband if he heard crickets chirping...he said yes, but as the night went on, I realised it could be thousands of crickets and then he stopped hearing, while i hearing thousands. I researched and realised I was experience tinnitus or ear ringing. I called my surgeon and he sent me back to the ward to be treated. I didnt take over night clothes because I did not intend to stay, but yet I was readmitted. I bawled till my eyes swell up, could not believe I was back there. My pressure went up and is still up today. I had to spent 3 extra days and the same nonsense with the nurses not managing me properly was happening. At one point, the nearly overdose me on voltaren. Here I was just given voltaren in my IV and then came a nurse with the tablets. I said miss, I just had voltaren, she said it is on the card that I should have the tablets. I felt lost now. The good thing is that the anesthesiologist who give me the voltaren through my IV came same time and said, 'what is it you giving no no...not until 11 tonight (it was mid day). She checked the chart and someone forgotten to write up that I had voltaren. I can go on and on, but I can stop here and tell you this, if you plan on a spinal epidural, make sure you consider all the risks. more thing, I have never felt so many needles in my life!!! A woman cannot be afraid of me ladies

The New Born:

Well baby Gabrielle came and of course we were all excited, but lard somebody should have given me some good heads up. The first time we got discharged, my body was fatigue and I was weak and just out of it. I thought it would have been a smooth night because in the hospital my Gabs was an angel. Hardly cried, but maybe it was the change of environment, I dont know. Every 3 hours she woke for feeding, but somehow the 3 hours seems like 5 mins. At one point, I fly up...apparently I was still in dreamland, but somewhere between there and in limbo. The child was crying on the top of her lungs and my husband brought her for breastfeeding. Again I was in limbo and even though I was trying to get the breast to her mouth, she seems not to be taking it or I wasn't getting it right and she continued to fuss. Hear my husband and I conversation...
Me: Raz we giving her the wrong milk ( my eyes still droopy with sleep)
Raz: Jaz, i don't understand what you are saying
Me: Is powder milk she getting (and getting frustrated to because how can't he understand)
Raz: Jaz I don't understand...what you mean

After awhile he realised and I did too that I was not fully awake lol (the next day we got a good laugh and my husband said, that was a night eh lol)

Then I did not know they have teeth...lard have have one good breast cause the other one was nyam off by my babies invisible teeth. Dem gum like stone, when she latch on, you haffi scream

Also you are between wanting to sleep and insomina...there were times I well want to sleep but could not and other times I am there the sleeping coming but there is my baby two shine eyes staring me like they saying... no rest for you tonight. Now I here typing this when I should be sleeping...but I promised and if I aint get it done now, don't know when. 

Then paranoid....yes I am. First child thing I guess. Every sound I jump up, when the baby get hiccups I am confuse and reach the point that sometimes I feel like I watchman or security guard, just staring at her in her play pen as she sleeps. I know why women go through this over and over in spite of all they go through. One day, I had to give a mosquito a stern piece of warning when he bit me...cause me know if he bite me pickney me ah go knock him out and his mother, father, aunts, cousins etc etc etc etc....

Have a great day all and thank you for your support, comments, warnings, encouraging words...much appreciated. :)