Monday, 10 September 2012

TATTOOS: So what?
When I was younger, I thought about getting a tattoo. I know I didn't want any skull or other symbols that signifies danger or badness. I wanted something colourful, maybe flowers or a dove. As I matured and get into church, a lot of negatives were placed on tattoos. Although, I wasn't quite convince given the fact that tattoos represent different things to different people  (for example, some persons tattoo scriptures on their skin), I chose not to tattoo my skin.

Recently, I have seen some tattoos on different people. While some seem to no longer want to see their own skin, others chose to tattoo just one part of their body. I have seen other person's name, possible boyfriend or girlfriend, date of birth etc I have seen tattoo on hands, foot, back, leg, breast. I realized that where ever a tattoo is placed, it is to show off. What bother me though and what really prevented me from putting a tattoo on myself is the fact that it cannot be removed. What is funny is that when you are young you choose certain things that are glamorous,modern, popular, but one day you are going to get old. Majority of the persons who wear a tattoo cannot afford laser treatment.
 I saw an old lady recently with a tattoo and I thought, what she doing with tattoo lol. I then thought, she didn't put it on in her old age. It cause me to think. How many persons when they put on a tattoo wants to grow old with it? Something to think about. Maybe there is no bible verse to prevent you from taking tattoo. Maybe even if there is, you are going to do it anyway, but I say to you, if you plan to, BE VERY SURE. I was not sure at the time I thought about it, and today I am happy I didn't. When my skin has lost its elasticity, I do not want to see no tattoo. Do you? Do you want to see what you have placed and would you like where you have placed it? A tattoo might seem like a simple, popular, glamours thing that the crowd is into so I want it to, but it is also serious and this is not even from a medical standpoint. This is about you, your future. It may affect your career, your relationships, what you can or cannot tell your future children etc. It is not a ring that you can remove when you get tired, NO! Without laser treatment, it will be staring you forever. Be wise in your choices in life.