Saturday, 11 August 2012

Riding First Class: My first experience

Well I am usually one to ride economy as it is what I can afford. However, I travelled First Class to Jamaica recently because it was the only flight available and I wish to share why persons may choose First Class even though it is expensive.

At the airport, besides having your luggage tagged First Class, you are given a pass for a lounge within the airport designated to you who are SPECIAL to them. I did not use it as it was up some stairs and I was not feeling well enough to climb stairs.

Then there is the in-flight service...
As soon as you sit on the plane, you are greeted by your name and offered a glass of fruit juice. Then you are given a menu with drinks and entrees to choose from. Throughout the journey you can be sipping on champagnes, liquors, fruit juices, wines etc I looked at the lady next to me as she seem to want to get her money worth. I said to myself, she wouldn't be able to stand when this plane landed. 

We had lunch in style too. First, you are brought a hot towel to wipe and clean your hands. You are on your own in economy class :) Then the attendants came by in their most courteous of tone, to find out our entree order. Our choices...Roti and curry chicken, lamp chops with potato and  steamed fish with roasted potatoes. You are also given garden salad and bread roll (choice between wheat and white) and then out comes the airline branded silverwares and table cloth.Yea! 

When think of it, your mouth can be going throughout the flight sipping on something. The only disappointment is no dessert. I found that out when the same lady next to me asked lol. Well we paid for it. Would I do it again? Maybe with my husband, once per year or 2 years lol. I can only afford economy, but for my one time, First Class was a nice treat.