Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Big Bamboo: sun, sand, sea and SEX

When I was doing my tourism course in undergraduate, we did a topic that included sex tourism. I am sure you all have heard about the three Ss in promoting tourism, SUN, SAND and SEA, but have you heard about the fourth... SEX? It is said that  a huge part of the tourist industry is sex tourism even though it is usually denied.

I remembered clearly my first journey to Ocho Rios in Jamaica and my astonishment in passing a craft market on the way. I was recently reminded of what I had seen last weekend on my way to Mystic Mountains in Ocho Rios. The feelings were not as overwhelming as I knew now what to expect, but I figured, why not blog about it. I tried to take a photo, but the bus was moving too fast so when I returned home I googled it to see if it was online. To the left is the photo and maybe you would like to share your thoughts. What is it promoting?

Men in Jamaica are quite confident about their sexuality. They are greatly against oral sex (at least verbally) and they believed that they can do wonders with their penises. In fact you might here statements like after sexual encounters with them, there would be no need for oral sex etc. Hence, it is said a lot of tourists, particular white ladies, come to the Caribbean and maybe mainly Jamaica searching for the Rasta men (again Jamaican culture) with the 'big bamboos.' How true it is, I cannot attest, but I can say this, at times I see some beautiful white ladies with some rusty looking Rasta men,  and I can't help but wonder. In the next blog, I will speak directly about Jamaica men, through the eyes of a foreigner, but I would say this, a black man is a black man whether from Jamaica or the rest of the Caribbean or even internationally, adding the Rasta hair, in no way contributes to the size of their penis.